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Two dogs

Overcoming Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

Being at home with our dogs during quarantine has been great, right? However, this can be extremely detrimental to your dog. When life goes back to normal, your dog will begin to destroy items and have awful behavior when you are no long around 24/7. Plus, it can be an expensive issue! 

Below are some signs that your dog has separation anxiety:

1. Scratching at doors and chewing on doors in an attempt to get to you

2. Destroying toys or items around your house 

3. Barking or crying when you are not around 

4. Going to the bathroom in the house

Here are some tips to combat your dog's separation anxiety:

1. Separate your dog from you a few times a day. Do it at random and make sure your dog is not where they can see you. 

2. Do NOT bring your dog back from the separation area until they are calm. 

3. When you walk in the door or when you leave, do not make it a big deal. Ignore your dog at first. Once they are calm, you can pet them and interact with them. Do not pet them or give them attention if they are acting out.  

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