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Image by Zach Kadolph

Introducing a New Born Baby to Your Dog

Do you have a baby on the way? And are you worried about how your dog is going to react to this new baby that is taking away all the attention? Below are some types on how to introduce your dog to a new baby:

  1. Greet your dog separately when you arrive home with the baby. You don't want your dog getting curious and excited and jumping on the baby.

  2. Give your dog time to adjust, don't rush into it. Allow your dog to get used to the smell and sound of the baby. 

  3. Keep your dog on a leash in the beginning and allow them to sniff the baby. Make the dog feel comfortable, again don't rush into it. Make your dog feel welcome. 

  4. Continue to give your dog attention. The baby requires a lot of attention and it can be hard to balance, but don't forget about your dog. They also need loving and attention. 

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