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Image by Ron Fung

How to Deal With a Jumping Dog

Does your dog jump when guests come over? 

Before we begin, your dog should first be great at the basic commands (sit, stay, come, leave it). This is how you will be setting your dog up for success. 

There are 4 components that need to be addressed when dealing with inappropriate jumping:

  1. Positive reinforcement for alternative behaviors

  2. Managing the problem when it happens  

  3. Consequences when your dog begins jumping 

  4. Consistency!!! This is so so important 

Below are some examples for how to train your dog to NOT jump on people.

  • When guests come over, make your dog sit and stay at the dog. Allow the guest to enter the house and make sure your dog is sitting and waiting for your cue. If your dog moves and gets up, restart the process. If your dog completes the command successfully, provide positive reinforcement by saying "good boy" or "good girl"

  • Another option is to have your dog in another room in a crate or blocked off. Allow the guest to enter while the dog is not there. When your guest enters, go get your dog to introduce them to your guest. DO NOT let your dog meet your guest until the dog is calm and relaxed. If the dog is not calm and relaxed, make them sit and stay. Once your dog is calm and not overly excited, provide positive reinforcement. 

Reach out if you have any questions. We are happy to help! 

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