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Taking the dog for a walk

Board and Train Programs

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

If your animal needs help with a specific behavioral issue and you do not have time to spend with your pet, our Board and Train Program with CMart Dog Services may be a great option for you. Your dog will have training sessions with me everyday over the course of their program. I will work on all of the behavioral issues you are experiencing so you can enjoy a balanced dog for the rest of their lifetime.

Our board and train program comes with the following:

  • Training sessions with myself everyday 

  • Working on proper socialization and aggression to ensure that you or your family never experience these issues

  • Daily check-ins with updates on your dog 

  • Videos at the end of their training program with everything that was worked on 

  • Two follow up one-on-one training sessions to ensure that your dog is maintaining what we worked on

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